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Subject Initial import of new RHEV-M driver
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 17:28:59 GMT
Hi guys,

I spend most of this day and yesterday to get new RHEV-M API running.
Actually I'm able to run Mock API, which is not perfect but for now
enough to start working on this driver.

So now what is working and what is not:

+ Listing of realms (using DataCenter) (/api/realms)
  I'm using Datacenters instead of StorageDomains, because it has
  more sense to me, let me know what do you think.

+ Listing of templates (/api/images)
  Basically there are all needed informations for this collection
  already in place, except 'owner_id', so using 'self' here for now
  should fix it.

+ Hardware profiles
  OK, so nwo I'm not that sure ;-) I found out that there are basically
  two types of templates/VMs. One is DESKTOP and second SERVER. 
  So I used these as a names for hardware_profiles.
  For memory I used a range from 1024..32*1024. I need to know what is
  the minimum amount of RAM for new VM under RHEV. Also reporting
  how much memory hypervisor provide would be appreciated here.
  As an architecture I used 'x86_64', storage is opaque.

+ Instance states
  I used EC2 state-machine, which is very similar to RHEV-M one.
  In RHEV there is a lot of additional states, which could be
  'simplified' to our case of PENDING, STOPPED, RUNNING

- Instances
  Almost every properties are mapped here, like name, state, id...
  There I ran into problems with mock driver, because in mock you don't
  have 'cluster' element, which refers to cluster which refers to datacenter.
  So mapping hardware profile to instance is in this case not possible.
  Anyway, I tryied to follow documentation here so it should work, but I can't
  test it live....

Also few notes of rhev_client, which is a small library/class for connecting
to RHEV-M API and calling operations here.
I used 'method_missing' to map all resources, otherwise it will require a lot
of repeated code in this client which will not look very nice.

Let me know what do you think, all suggestions, questions are more than welcomed.

PS: Looking for some real testing RHEV-M instance which I can use for real testing.
    I offering a good Czech beer for that ;-)

  -- Michal

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