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From Carl Trieloff <>
Subject Re: (P)PMC and INFRA request
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 19:45:24 GMT


we have had a few additional people join the PPMC, and
I believe everyone on
is not on the PPMC.

go ahead and see if anyone else want to help on the INFRA item
and then go ahead and comment on it so the it can be completed
by the infra team


On 09/10/2010 09:39 AM, Carl Trieloff wrote:
> The following request has been highlighted on the general
> list
> The issue is that account holders need to be PMC members.
> So, I believe we should have the (P)PMC discussion again. When we
> started the project, the approach we wanted to take was for
> any initial committer, or committer voted on while in incubator
> that wanted to learn the workings of the PPMC could request
> to be included. Then at time of graduation we will explicitly ask
> who wants to remain on the PMC, and post graduation the then
> current acting PMC will vote additional members onto the PMC.
> So, at this point I would like to make sure anyone that wants to
> be on the PPMC that is currently a committer is on the private list.
> Once we have resolved this, we can work out who who to add on
> as hudson accounts and resolve the JIRA... that work/comments?
> regards
> Carl.

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