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From Chris Lalancette <>
Subject Re: Fw: ANNOUNCE: libdeltacloud v0.4
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2010 19:05:45 GMT
On 08/31/10 - 10:31:27AM, Ed Bradford wrote:
> I just recently joined Deltacloud. Yesterday, I downloaded libdeltacloud
> and have two questions.
> 1. For past 20 years I've been using Windows. Now to do deltacloud I find
> that Fedora 13 works - everything so far
> on the download page is working. Yesterday I downloaded libdeltacloud and
> today you say you just released version 0.4.
> How do I tell which version I downloaded?

I guess it depends on which version you downloaded :).  Did you get it off of
my website, or did you pull it from git?  If you pulled it from my website
previous to today, then the only version up there was 0.3, so you must have
that.  The name of the file should also be something like libdeltacloud-0.3.
If you pulled it out of git, you can do "git tag" or "git log" to look at
the version you are currently at.

> 2. In my past i have been a Unix guru. However, due to my behavior for the
> past 10 -15 years, my Unix/Linux skills have
>     waned. How do I build libdeltacloud. I have all the requisite software
> on my Fedora 13 system  but just running
>       bash
>   didn't seem to build the executable.  There is a but no
> Makefile. What have I missed? is just the first step to building.  You basically need to do:

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make

Which will build the library for you.  Note that there is no executable
generated, just a .so.  I will add a top-level README into the source code
with this information.

> Thank you.
> Ed Bradford
> Pflugerville,TX
> PS: Has anyone tried to put all this stuff together on Windows with cygwin?

No, not at all.  I would be surprised if it works there without some
modification, but if you do get it working, let me know the steps so I can
put them in the README.

Chris Lalancette

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