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From Greg Monroe <Greg.Mon...@dukece.com>
Subject RE: Criteria needs write permissions?
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 16:03:17 GMT
Sorry for the delay, out for a long weekend (gotta stay in bed on Fri 13th!).

Simple Torque Objects CAN be used with two different connection pools.  
I have done this myself.  However, there are some special limitations. I 
spent some time wandering the code and refreshing my memory and here's 
what I found.

First, you need to understand some definitions:

Simple Torque Objects - Just the core record information methods. The methods 
generated by the complexObjectModel build property (e.g. the ones which 
generate the methods to get the related foreign key and children objects) 
do not work. The autogenerated code assumes a lot about which connection
to use.

DBSchema Name - This is a string key defined via the XML schema database 
name attribute. It is used internally by Torque to tie together all the
schema "metadata" in a "DatabaseMap".  This is used by Torque to determine
things like table names, column attributes, and the like.  

DatabaseMap - This is the object that contains all the meta data *Map 
objects related to a specific DBSchema name.

DB Connection Pool Name - This is a string key that is defined in the 
Torque runtime properties, e.g. the torque.dsfactory.<DB Connection Name>.*
properties.  This is eventually stored in a Database object in the 

Database Object - This is a container for information relating to a 
database, e.g. the connection pool info, the dbmap, the idbroker info,
and the like.  However, you can have a Database Object that does not
contain all this info (e.g. a Database object with just connection 

Because of historical design purposes lost in antiquity, the DB Schema
name and the DB Connection Name tend to be considered to be the same.
Many of the references to "DBName" are not clearly labeled as to which
name is meant. This has lead to some poor internal coding and a lot of 
confusion.  One of the goals of Torque 4.0 is to try to correct this.

So, how do you use Simple Torque objects with multiple DBs...

First, set up your connection pools in the runtime properties.  E.g.
torque.dsfactory.databaseA.* and torque.dsfactory.databaseB.

Second, create all criteria element using the *Peer objects.  The
DatabaseMap is populated when a *Peer class is loaded (static init).
So, all tables "Maps" you will be referencing will exist in a Database 
object keyed to the DB Schema Name.  

NOTE: The dbName parameter on the Criteria constructor refers to the
DB Schema Name and NOT directly to a DB Connection Pool Name.  If there
is a DB Connection Pool defined with the same name, this will be used.

You need to write your code to use the methods that have a connection 
parameter.  E.g., TablePeer.doSelect(Criteria, Connection).

You get the connection object to use with this via the 
Toque.getConnection(String name) static method.  The name here is the
DB Connection Pool name.

To tie this all together with some sample code that will move data
from one DB to another one:

Criteria c = new Criteria();  
c.add(TableAPeer.COLA, 4);
Connection srcConn = Torque.getConnection("databaseA");
Connection destConn = Torque.getConnection("databaseB");
try {
    List results = TableAPeer.doSelect(c,srcConn);
    Iterator rIt = results.iterator();
    while( rIt.hasNext() ) {
        TableA rec = (TableA) rIt.next();
} finally {

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> From: Alvaro Coronel [mailto:alvarocoronel67@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 10:50 AM
> To: Apache Torque Users List
> Subject: Re: Criteria needs write permissions?
> Does that mean that a Torque object can be used with two different
> connections as long as no pool is involved?
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> From: Thomas Vandahl <tv@apache.org>
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> Subject: Re: Criteria needs write permissions?
> On 13.11.09 08:12, Thomas Fischer wrote:
> > I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, I need to think about it. If
> i
> > remember correctly, the database name is used for the database
> connection
> > (including credentials) and the table layout. Probably there are some
> cases
> > where this wants to be treated differently.
> As I see it, the limitation is that a Torque object can only be used
> with one database connection pool. This might or might not be considered
> a bug, however, the given application type does not look typical to me.
> Bye, Thomas.
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