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From Andrea Bertucci <abertu...@aitek.it>
Subject Postgresql table aliases
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 11:50:38 GMT
Hi everyone.
I'm new of this list.
I'm writing because I've a schema generated for MySql used for a web 
I've already migrated the schema for Oracle and the application it's 
working fine.
Now I'm trying to migrate everything for Postgresql but the main problem 
is that when
I execute an UPDATE query I receive an error from torque, because the 
update query automatically
generated are of the form
    update a set a.b = c;
that in PostgreSQL it's an error because table name can't be a prefix 
for a column in set statement.

Do you know how it's possible to say torque to avoid column prefix in 
this case?

Thanks in advance,

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