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From "Ludwig Magnusson" <lud...@itcatapult.com>
Subject RE: Multiple addJoin with OR
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2009 13:37:04 GMT

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From: Thomas Fischer [mailto:fischer@seitenbau.net] 
Sent: den 2 mars 2009 14:27
To: Apache Torque Users List
Subject: RE: Multiple addJoin with OR

> I want to create an SQLQuery that combines data from three tables. Right
> now, my javacode looks like this:
> Criteria.addJoin(TableA.id, TableB.fk);
> Criteria.addJoin(TableA.id, TableC.fk);
> This results in this SQL query: 
> WHERE TableA.id = TableB.fk 
> AND TableA.id = TableC.fk
> However, this is not the result I need. What I need is a query with OR
> instead of AND, like this:
> WHERE TableA.id = TableB.fk 
> OR TableA.id = TableC.fk
> I haven't found any way to do this using criteria. Is it possible?

I do not know a way to do this currently. But are you really sure your 
statement makes sense ? If one row in table B matches, then you get all 
rows of table C joined (or vice versa), and I cannot imagine this is what 
you need. But I might be wrong.


It does make sense. I rewrote the query by hand (changed AND to OR) and
executed it in the MySql console and it gave the response I wanted.

The situation is kind of like this:
Table a is a category table, it only contains ids and names of categories.
Table B is a "products sold" table, and table C is a "products bought"
table. All products belong to a certain category, and I want a query that
gives me all the categories that a certain user has sold/bought products


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