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From Greg Monroe <mon...@dukece.com>
Subject RE: Unsigned integers
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 18:31:27 GMT
FWIW, I seem to remember jdbc task issues with getting foreign 
key constraints, indices, and recognizing autoincrement columns.
Plus, I think there is a fair amount of variation in what you get
depending on the DB you're connecting to.  I've always considered 
the XML from this as a starting point to avoid typing a lot ;) but
not the end product.  But then I use my XML to generate the SQL
statements for replicating my Application DBs, so it has to be full
featured with all that stuff.

That said, you might want to take a look at the DDL UtilS project:


This is a "sister" project to torque that uses the same schema 
(with some exceptions around external-schema tags).  They have
been the focus of getting the jdbc task more robust.  In fact,
the Torque 4.0 design discussions talked about converting the
tasks relating to DB creation, etc to use the ddlutils project.

FWIW, they have a nice set of easy to use classes to do a lot of
the same tasks via code.  They have a nice feature that can compare
an existing DB to an XML schema (or another DB) and generate the
SQL code needed to update the destination DB to match an source 
schema/DB.  I've been using this one to generate version 
update SQL scripts.  NOTE that this class is kind of "militant" 
in that if there are table NOT in the XML, it will generate 
drop statements for them.  But with a little quick manual editing,
I can produce an upgrade script in about 30 minutes or less, 
including testing.

Finally, you asked about Torque 4.0 features, etc.  Here are a 
couple of resources that you might want to check out:


This is the result of an extended discussion about Torque 4.0 that
took place starting in Nov 2006 (and on into early Feb or so).  If 
you truly want to understand what the Wiki is talking about, I 
suggest going thru the torque-dev list archives and reading the 
threads related to Torque 4.0.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Thomas Fischer [mailto:fischer@seitenbau.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 9:46 AM
> To: Apache Torque Users List
> Subject: Re: Unsigned integers
> > > IMHO torque:jdbc is no good as  a totally automatic way to create a
> > > schema.xml. It is good as a first guess, but nothing more, because
> the
> > > informations from the jdbc driver are not complete enough to extract
> a
> > > good schema.
> > > If it worked for you so far, you were lucky.
> > >
> > Or maybe Torque have lots of features I don't know about.
> >
> > But what kind of features in my database could be a problem for
> torque:jdbc?
> >
> > I love torque, because I can just define my database in sql and then
> run
> > maven torque:jdbc to get a schema.xml file, that maps
> > all the tables to classes, with primary and foreign keys, and allow me
> > to retrieve data from the database.
> The problem might be that the mapping is different from what you expect.
> I
> do not have an example ready because I do not use torque:jdbc myself, but
> searching the mailing list should find some complaints.
>     Thomas
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