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From "Hidde Boonstra [Us Media]" <hidde.boons...@usmedia.nl>
Subject Re: Log4J + Torque ... gonna drive me mad.
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2008 16:16:09 GMT
Hi Shinkan,

I'm glad to hear you fixed it :-) An application should not output 
warnings if there is nothing to worry about, I agree. Are you 100% sure 
that Log4J is configured before anything else happens? I've seen those 
kind of messages, but mostly because things where being configured / 
started, or used before Log4J was up and running...

B.t.w. if you want to be sure nothing is written to the standard out or 
err, you can redirect the outputs using System.setErr and System.setOut. 
This might be a smart thing to do if your running as a deamon?

Kind regards,

Shinkan wrote:
> As you say, this don't prevent Log4J from working.
> But these 2 lines are really annoying as my app is a server app, which is
> run in background as a daemon on Linux.
> Thus, they are outputed from System.err, and I can't guarantee that
> production tasks in production env which will use this server will not
> require stop on standard error output.
> Moreover, this is not really reassuring from a server that the firts 2 lines
> you have talks about WARNING ... :D

Hidde Boonstra
Us Media B.V.
Stadhouderskade 115
1073 AX Amsterdam

t: 020 428 68 68
f: 020 470 69 05

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