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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Column names with spaces
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2008 09:55:37 GMT
Thoralf Rickert wrote:
> Hi,
> Of course the list of problems with mssql doesn't stop...
> I've got now a xml schema from the existing database. Some "lovely boy" decided years
ago that it would be nice to use spaces inside the column names of the database scheme. For
example: "Time after". This is not a problem if you use the special syntax "[Time after]"
in a select. But I don't have this kind of access with Torque (prove me wrong, if not). If
I try to make a Criteria, Torque quits this selection with
> Malformed column name in Criteria getTableName: 'T_Stammdaten.Time after' is not of the
form 'table.column'
> Okay, actually this is an error that doesn't have something to do with the real problem.
Is there a way to setup a database specific syntax for column names. So in MySQL it would
be "`" or in MSSQL/Sybase it would be "[" and "]".

I'm afraid even if you solved this, there would remain a Village 
problem, too. I found that for example updates to columns fail if these 
happen to have names which are "reserved words" for this type of 
database (example: KEY, for MySQL). That is because Village does not 
use proper escaping when generating SQL for these statements.

> Additionally - I think the "torque" task that generates the classes should escape the
spaces if it uses the database column names to generate column constants (currently it produces
> public static String TIME AFTER = "...".
> Has somebody an idea, how to get around this problem?

I don't remember exactly, but does JavaName="time_after" help?

Bye, Thomas.

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