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From Jim <smoothie...@yahoo.com>
Subject Duplicate references in the foreign-key
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 18:22:32 GMT
I started running into a duplicate reference in the
foreign-key issue several months ago in the ant
generated schema.xml file. 
We are still using the 3.2 rc2 version of Torque and
the tables are DB2.

Here is an example of the dup reference..
<foreign-key foreignTable="TABLE2">
   <reference foreign="OFFRG_N" local="OFFRG_N"/>
   <reference foreign="OFFRG_N" local="OFFRG_N"/>

Here is a portion the table that has the forigh-key..
<table name="TABLE2">
        <column name="OFFRG_N" primaryKey="true"
required="true" size="12" type="CHAR"/>

The dba's swear there have been no changes to the DB2

Thanks for any suggestions!

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