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From Thomas Vandahl ...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Torque 3.3 released
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 22:44:59 GMT
The Torque team is pleased to announce the Torque 3.3 release!


What is Torque?

Torque is an object-relational mapper for Java. In other words, Torque
lets you access and manipulate data in a relational database using Java
objects. Unlike most other object-relational mappers, Torque does not
use reflection to access user-provided classes, but it generates the
necessary classes (including the Data Objects) from an XML schema
describing the database layout.

Changes in this version include (This is the list for 3.3-RC3 again 
because the changes were incomplete):

   New Features:

o Removed Village meta data check for read only column status. This is
   not fully supported by a lot of JDBC drivers and causes Torque to fail
   with Derby's JDBC network driver.
o Maven 2 plugin: Added the attribute delimiterType for the sqlExec
o Implemented the goal id-broker-init-sql in the Maven2 plugin. Issue:
   TORQUE-101. Thanks to Marc Kannegiesser.
o Added copy(..) and add<ForeignKey>(..) methods with a
   connection parameter. Issue: TORQUE-99. Thanks to Tobias Hilka.
o OrderBy now accepts column names without a dot. No additional
   processing is made for these. Issue: TORQUE-89. Thanks to Stefan
o Added a datadtd goal to the maven2 plugin.
o Added torque.beanExtendsClass property that defines a fully qualified
   class name (e.g. org.apache.struts.action.ActionForm) that the base
   bean classes will extend.

   Fixed bugs:

o Added better handling in Village for BigDecimal values. Double and
   Float types will be converted using appropriate constructors rather
   than the somewhat buggy BigDecimal(String) constructor. Issue:
o Corrected invalid cast in TorqueRuntimeException.splitStackTrace.
   Issue: TORQUE-103. Thanks to Jonathan Purvis.
o Remove 'COMMENT ON...' output from generated SQL for Sybase as these
   commands do not exist in Sybase's sql. Issue: TORQUE-104. Thanks to
   Sylvain Benoist.
o The suffix parameter to the Maven2-plugin's sql task now works. Thanks
   to Marc Kannegiesser.
o Avoid to call JDK 1.5 code when creating BigDecimals. Issue:
   TORQUE-97. Thanks to Markus Müller.
o Fixed Null Pointer Exceptions in Criteria.equals() and
   Criteria.hashCode() if joins are null. Issue: TORQUE-90. Thanks to
   Sean Gilligan.
o Changed the maven2 plugin's datadump goal to accept only a single
   schema xml. Multiple schema xmls produced illegal output.
o Fixed the maven2 plugin's datasql goal to do the same as the ant and
   maven1 datasql task.
o Fixed problem with somePeer.doDelete(Criteria) if criteria contains a
   join. Issue: TORQUE-93.
o Fixed handling of the enableJava5Features config parameter in the
   maven 2 plugin. Issue: TORQUE-88.
o Fixed handling of select statements in mysql and postgresql if offset
   is set but limit is not set in a query. Issue: TORQUE-87.


o maven2 plugin: changed the default value of the property
   schemaExcludes in the sql goal from "id-table-schema.xml" to "". So
   the default property settings also work if the idMethod is idbroker.
o Maven 2 plugin: changed the default value of the parameter "suffix" in
   the id-table-init-sql goal to "-idtable-init" (was: ""). This allows
   for automatic execution of the id-table-init-sql files in the sqlExec
   goal with default settings.
o Sybase: Columns where the attribute "required" is not set or set to
   false are now created explicitly with suffix "NULL". Issue:
   TORQUE-105. Thanks to Sylvain Benoist.
o Changed Type Mappings for Sybase: Torque type TIME is now mapped to
   SQL type TIME (was: SQL type TIMESTAMP) Torque type CLOB is now mapped
   to SQL type TEXT (was: SQL type CLOB, which does not exist in Sybase)
   Torque type BLOB is now mapped to SQL type IMAGE (was: SQL type BLOB,
   which does not exist in Sybase)
o Criterions with an integer value will now be set using
   PreparedStatemet#setInt() when doing a PsSelect.
o Integrated Village into Torque. Thanks to Henning, Jean, Jon and Scott
   for the paperwork.
o The SQL statements generated for MS SQL by the torque:datasql target
   will now be wrapped in SET IDENTITY_INSERT...ON /OFF statements if the
   idMethod is native and autogenerate is set on one or more fields.
   Issue: TORQUE-86. Thanks to Will Glass-Hussain.
o An exception is now thrown on an attempt to update a modified object
   without a primary key. The previous behaviour was to fail silently.
   Issue: TORQUE-69.
o Deprecated the attribute size in the element index-column in the dtd.
   The attribute is currently not used. It will be removed from the dtd
   in a future version of Torque. Issue: TORQUE-91.
o Create nicely trimmed output in the generator. Issue: TORQUE-71.
   Thanks to Thoralf Rickert.
o Updated JCS dependency to version 1.3 and fixed related deprecation
o changed the artifact id of some maven2 artifacts: runtime ->
   torque-runtime generator -> torque-generator templates
   -> torque-templates This change only affects maven2 users.
o Changed the group id of the maven2 artifacts from org.apache.db.torque
   to org.apache.torque. This change only affects maven2 users.

   Removed features:

o maven2 plugin: removed the property idTableXmlFile from the sql and
   id-table-init-sql goals. The property never was passed by the mojo and
   also does not work correctly in the generator. Use the goal
   id-table-init-sql to create sql for id tables instead.

The vote for this release can be found in

Have fun!
-The torque team

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