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From "Owen B. Mehegan" <omehe...@hi5.com>
Subject Re: No DataSourceFactory configured
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 18:58:03 GMT
Well, RecoverableDataSourceFactory is apparently just one of the 
standard Torque drivers, which we just happen to store in a logical 
location in our source tree. The comment at the top of that source file 

  * A factory that looks up the DataSource using the JDBC2 pool methods.
  * @author <a href="mailto:jmcnally@apache.org">John McNally</a>
  * @author <a href="mailto:hps@intermeta.de">Henning P. Schmiedehausen</a>
  * @version $Id: SharedPoolDataSourceFactory.java,v 1.1 2003/08/19 
19:09:12 mpoeschl Exp $

So I don't think that's too weird...

Alvaro Coronel wrote:
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.connection.url looks yucky.
> "Owen B. Mehegan" <omehegan@hi5.com> wrote: Hi, I've seen this question asked many
times in the mailing list 
> archives, but so far I can't figure out a solution to the problem in my 
> case. I have a unit test that is using Easymock to create mock database 
> objects to test against. When I run the test, it always fails with this 
> error:
> java.lang.NullPointerException: There was no DataSourceFactory 
> configured for the connection recoverable
> But my Torque.properties _does_ include a datasource called 'recoverable:'
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.factory=com.friend.db.RecoverableDataSourceFactory
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.pool.maxActive=1
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.pool.maxIdle=1
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.pool.maxWait=1000
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.pool.testOnBorrow=false
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.pool.validationQuery=SELECT 1
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.connection.driver=com.mockrunner.mock.jdbc.MockDriver
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.connection.url = java://foo
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.connection.user = user
> torque.dsfactory.recoverable.connection.password = foo
> This entry is similar to others in the torque.properties, so I don't 
> think the syntax is incorrect. What else could I be doing wrong?

Owen B. Mehegan
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