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From "Brendan Miller" <bmil...@dotster.com>
Subject Oracle Date Village Patch
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2007 07:08:12 GMT

It seems I have a knack for running into problems that were discussed at
length and (partially?) solved ages ago.

That said, I have a table in Oracle with a column of type DATE.  It
doesn't matter whether I tell Torque this is a DATE or TIMESTAMP
column in the schema.xml, because as we all know, Village uses this 
crazy ResultSetMetaData business.  (SELECT * FROM TABLENAME WHERE 1 = -1 !!!)

So I read of several places where there is a Village patch that makes
re-interprets Oracle's reporting of DATE types to be Timestamps or
somesuch.  Bascially, something so that when I have a java.util.Date
field in one of my table objects, I can setField(new Date()) and have
the database show hours/minutes/seconds.

Where is this code?  Or what is the workaround?  I do not have the
freedom of altering the existing table to use timestamp types.


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