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From "Bernhard Daubner" <bernhard.daub...@googlemail.com>
Subject O/R-Mapping with Torque 3.3-RC2 and Maven 2.0.7
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 20:03:37 GMT

I am trying to implement a simple database application using Torque as
O/R-Mapper. I followed the instructions within the "Torque-Tutorial"
and modified them to work with maven2.

So far the torque-maven-plugin goals "torque:om", "torque:sql" and
"torque:sqlExec" work as expected.

But now I struggle with the compilation of the persistence classes.
The java files are created within the folders
- src/main/generated-java  and
- target/generated-sources/torque ,
while my application code resides in
- src/main/java

How do I tell maven that it has to look at several source folders? Do
I have to use the "Build Helper Maven Plugin"

Has someone a complete pom.xml showing not only the configuration of
the torque plugin but also the configuration of a project using
Torque-O/R-Mapping? I looked at the sources of the
torque-maven-plugin. But also within the unit tests there was no such

And what about Eclipse? Is there a way to automatically create the
corresponding Eclipse .classpath file for the several source folders?
I don`t believe that the eclipse plugin is able to do this job.

And finally I wonder how the dataXmlFiles for the "torque:datasql"
goal has to be defined. Is there an example for such a file?

Thanks in advance


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