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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: Torque Maven2 Plugin and idBroker
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 13:59:30 GMT
"Marc Kannegiesser" <macs_mailinglists@gmx.de> schrieb am 14.09.2007

> Hi.
> Thanks in advance for your fast answer, Thomas.
> > The goal id-table-init-sql does not exist in the maven2 plugin; I'd
> > consider it a missing feature (please add a feature request to jira).
If I
> > understand you correctly, the sql file gets created, and the problem is
> > execute it ? If this is the case, then the sqlExec goal would be the
> No, thats not quite correct. What I ment that with the maven1 version of
> plugin the id-table-init-sql goal created a .sql-file for each schemafile

> (where the idbroker is defined using defaultIdMethod="idbroker" ) which
> was executed within the torque:insert-sql goal.
> These files contained the initialisation of the IDBroker table
> e.g. lines like:
> insert into ID_TABLE (id_table_id, table_name, next_id, quantity) VALUES
> (5101, 'poll', 1000, 10);
> Neither the creation of the .sql files nor the creation of the ID_TABLE
is not
> at all using the maven2 plugin.

Ok the problem is to insert the initial data. I'm afraid that it is
probably a missing feature:-( Please submit a jira issue. For the meantime,
I hope you can create a workaround, possibly using the antrun plugin and
the torque ant task.

> > correct goal; however, it executes all sql file in a single directory
> > not sure whether this is what you want).
> > Maybe you can run the sql goal twice, once for creating the normal sql,
> > and
> > the second time creating the sql file for the id broker ?
> I think the ID_TABLE gets created on a different way (at least not
somehow explicit).
> I am wondering why there is a option to set the schemafile for the
> IDBrokertable and this feature is not used in any way.

The underlying ant task needs this property, no idea what it does. I would
have to look in the source code.

> ...

   Hope this helps,


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