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From "thomas.ung@freesbee.fr" <thomas....@freesbee.fr>
Subject Re: torque and caching
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 22:27:10 GMT
Thanks you again Thomas for your help.

I have one more question. Hope to be the last. I am fighting
a little bit with the caching which seems not to work with
the generated torque manager API. 

I ve got the generated manager classes. And I can use
successfully XManager.getInstance(pk). But when I look at
the logs, it seems that the db got hit every time. [I ve put
torque in debug in log4j and I can see the sql querries]

I think that I ve configured cache.ccf correctly - log file
does not show error during initialization. And I can use JCS
standalone and it is working.

XManager.getInstance(pk_id) return the right object but does
not cache the result. Any clue?

My configuration: turbine 2.3.2 - torque 3.2 - JCS
- build manually "concurrent"

Just hitting my head on a wall... Thanks again, really
appriaciate for your time.


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