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From "Jeffrey D. Brekke" <jbre...@wi.rr.com>
Subject Re: 3.3RC2 Maven2 Plugin usage
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 15:49:33 GMT

Non-base sources seem to be generating into src/main/generated-java not 
the src/main/java directory.  I guess I had no src/main/java directory 
in my project ( it is a torque only project, and the non-bases were 
going into target before ) and when there is no java dir it fails to 
compile.  The generated non-base classes are still left in 
generated-java, but it still compiles/builds ok?

Is it an OK practice then to commit that directory into scm and then 
torque won't overwrite them if they've been altered?

Thomas Fischer wrote:
> The non-base sources are generated in src/main/java. The base classes are
> generated somewhere in the target directory (I cannot remember the exact
> place), and are compiled from there.
> The configuration you have given seems ok. What exactly is your problem
> with it ?
>     Thomas
> "Jeffrey D. Brekke" <jbrekke@wi.rr.com> schrieb am 01.03.2007 05:20:45:
>> I'm having difficulty getting the latest plugin to work.  Is there some
>> way to tell the plugin to generate the non-base classes into
>> src/main/java or is maven supposed to compile the generated-java
>> directory for us?  If I add <outputDir> to configuration, then the
>> plugin fails since the report locations are incorrect.  Below is my
>> current plugin config, maybe I have something wrong?
>>        <plugin>
>>          <groupId>org.apache.db.torque</groupId>
>>          <artifactId>torque-maven-plugin</artifactId>
>>          <version>3.3-RC2</version>
>>          <configuration>
>>            <targetDatabase>sybase</targetDatabase>
>>            <targetPackage>our.package</targetPackage>
>>          </configuration>
>>          <executions>
>>            <execution>
>>              <goals>
>>                <phase>install</phase>
>>                <goal>sql</goal>
>>                <goal>om</goal>
>>              </goals>
>>            </execution>
>>          </executions>
>>        </plugin>

Jeffrey D. Brekke                                   jbrekke@wi.rr.com
Wisconsin,  USA                                     brekke@apache.org
http://www.bloglines.com/blog/jbrekke               ekkerbj@gmail.com

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