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From "wieger" <wie...@usmedia.nl>
Subject Re: "inherence" accross 2 differents schemas / reuse some objects from one schema by another one
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 16:37:11 GMT
Hi Thomas,

When I have two or more web-applications who access the same database I
usually create a separate jar which contains the generated torque
classes, and perhaps some other shared classes, and include this in each
my web-applications. This way you have only one schema file and one set
of Torque models to maintain. 
Not sure if this is 'best practice' but it works pretty well. 

Kind regards,
Us Media
Stadhouderskade 115
1073 AX Amsterdam

t: +31 20 428 6868
f: +31 20 470 6905
w: http://www.usmedia.nl

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From: "Thomas UNG" <thomas.ung@freesbee.fr>
To: torque-user@db.apache.org
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 4:50:06 PM (GMT+0100) Europe/Berlin
Subject: "inherence" accross 2 differents schemas / reuse some objects from one schema by
another one


I have some questions related to two different webapps sharing the same

Let's say that I ve two webapps A and B pointing to the same DB and the
B have the om classes generated by the webapp A in its lib directory.

* In schema A:

<table name="COUNTRY" idMethod="native">
  <column name="BASEID" type="INTEGER" required="true" javaName="BaseId"
primaryKey="true" autoIncrement="true"/>
  <column name="UNIQUENAME"     .../>
  [+ some others columns ...]

* In schema B:

  <table name="COUNTRY"
    <column name="BASEID"         type="INTEGER"
required="true" javaName="BaseId" primaryKey="true" autoIncrement="true"

In the classes generated by torque in webapp B, I do have the following:


getUniqueName() is a method inherited from A.om.Country

However, this method returns null because 'uniquename' is a private
attribute and torque only do the following selection:


So I do have 2 workarrounds:
  - add "UniqueName" column in B schema
  - or get the id and use it to retrieve A.om.Country object to get all

Can anyone tell me what is the best practices?

Thanks in advance,
Thomas UNG

I am using torque 3.1.1 with turbine 2.3.2

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