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From Eustache <eustache.fel...@idilia.com>
Subject Re: exception thrown because DB connection not correctly reinited after db server restart
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 17:18:25 GMT
Same time ! i was meaning the former, ie just closing the browser, and I 
am happy with the pool reuse of connection, and the trick of testing the 
connection before using it seems to do the job - so everything is fine

Greg Monroe wrote:

>The quick fix is to add the following lines to your 
>init properties:
>torque.dsfactory.web_test_suite.pool.validationQuery=SELECT 1
>This will cause the common-dbcp code to verify that any 
>pooled connection is still valid before passing it to Torque.
>Adds the overhead of a single quick DB query each time a 
>connection is retrieved but it's a small price to pay to make
>Apps independent of DB restarts.
>As to the cause... when you say "close the app", do you 
>mean just exist the browser pages or actually stop the 
>webapp on TomCat via the manager/html app?  
>If it's the former, then the webapp / Torque is still active
>and has pooled connections still open.  These pooled 
>connections are a big performance gain since getting a TCP
>connection to an SQL server is time consuming.  But this
>means that your apps don't behave like the (slower) "open a 
>connection for each page/statement" ones that are common.
>If it's the latter, then do you have the Torque lib (and 
>support ones) in your common\lib directory and use it
>across multiple web-apps? Then the reason is that in this
>situation there is only one pool for all web-apps.  
>Restarting a single webapp will not restart the pool. You
>have to restart Tomcat (or explicitly shutdown and re-init
>Torque but that can be problematic...).
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Eustache [mailto:eustache.felenc@idilia.com] 
>>Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 11:31 AM
>>To: Apache Torque Users List
>>Subject: exception thrown because DB connection not correctly 
>>reinited after db server restart
>>Hi, I wonder if you can help with the following problem:
>>I use Tomcat 5.5, postgresql 8.3.1 and Torque.
>>I first use the webapp using torque everything is ok. I close 
>>the app, a db connection is still there.
>>Now I reboot db. Try to relaunch the webapp and has this exception in
>>DEBUG org.apache.torque.util.SQLBuilder - SELECT 
>>app_category.CATEGORY_ID, app_category.NAME FROM app_category WHERE
>>org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: An I/O error occured while 
>>sending to the backend.
>>torque.database.web_test_suite.adapter = postgresql 
>>torque.dsfactory.web_test_suite.factory = 
>>torque.dsfactory.web_test_suite.connection.driver = 
>>torque.dsfactory.web_test_suite.connection.url = 
>>torque.dsfactory.web_test_suite.connection.user = myuser 
>>torque.dsfactory.web_test_suite.connection.password =
>>It seems that torque is not able to get a proper db 
>>connection after the db server is restarted Any clue ?
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