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From Markus Daniel <markus.dan...@synyx.de>
Subject criteria.setCascade(true)
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 22:51:35 GMT
just for understanding right...

If cascade is set to true in a criteria (not in the DB-Schema) this will only proceed
like cascade if the FK from relation table is also a PK for the relation table?

Snip from BasePeer#doDelete(Criteria criteria, Connection con)
// Only delete rows where the foreign key is
// also a primary key.  Other rows need
// updating, but that is not implemented.
if (columnMaps[j].isForeignKey()
    && columnMaps[j].isPrimaryKey()
    && key.equals(columnMaps[j].getRelatedName()))

Here a FK in a relation table is a PK in a corresponding entity table and not also a PK of
the relation table,
so in this case setting cascade to true will have no affect

Is this correct?

I tried to use this setCascade(true) but for me it seems not to work or I don't know how to
use it ;-(

Can anybody explain this or give a hint/link?

Thanks in advance,

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