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From Shane Beasley <sbeas...@acm.org>
Subject tip: maven-torque-plugin and the maven (1.x) console
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 16:12:14 GMT
I like to use the maven (1.x) console. However, I was noticing that the 
Torque plugin really didn't like it when I ran the `clean` goal or 
otherwise blew away the generated OM files after they'd already been 
built. To get it to rebuild, I had to exit and re-enter the console.

Further investigation suggested that the torque:om and torque:sql goals 
rely upon two properties to determine whether they should run. 
Unfortunately, properties are immutable once they are set 
(http://ant.apache.org/manual/CoreTasks/property.html). As a result, 
once these goals are run, they cannot be run again.

Fortunately, Jelly provides a `remove` task which fixes this problem 
nicely. In maven.xml:

<project xmlns:j="jelly:core" [...]>
    <preGoal name="torque:om-check">
        <j:remove var="torque.internal.om.uptodate" />
    <preGoal name="torque:sql-check">
        <j:remove var="torque.internal.sql.uptodate" />

Just thought I'd share...


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