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From "Greg Monroe" <Greg.Mon...@DukeCE.com>
Subject RE: javaName ignored?
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 18:02:30 GMT
I see that this problem occurs in the the peer
object's static column names.  This is not effected
by the javaName attribute which is used in creating 
the column getter/setter methods.

The problem is that Torque currently only support 
non-delimited column names.  I.e., column names 
that use the SQL92 (and up) identifier characters
which matches the Java identifier rules.  So,
delimited column names, like "@Description" can 
break the compiler rules.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a quick fix for
this.  The column names are used extensively in a lot 
of Templates for both Peer identifiers and as values 
for strings that identify the SQL name.  If the 
Column.getName() method was modified to "normalize" 
the name, then the references to the actual column 
name would be broken.

Also, there may be problems with the underlying 
queries being generated.  Torque will not add the
delimiters to column names which could cause some 
jdbc Drivers and/or DB servers to not understand them.
E.g. The query:

Select * from xxx where xxx.@Description = 'xxx' 

should be:

Select * from xxx where "xxx.@Description" = 'xxx'

to be valid SQL syntax.  Torque will generate the

Maybe a quick fix is to create a view with more
standard names and use this with Torque?

If someone has a time to burn, I guess the correct
fix would be to add a getPeerName method to the
Column model that "normalizes" the name.  Then find
all the applicable entries in the templates and use
this method instead of the getName.

I think then you might be able to use delimited 
names in the XML (e.g. <column name="\"@Desc\"" to 
generate valid XML like:

Select * from xxx where xxx."@Description" = 'xxx'

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> From: Mark Cooke [mailto:markcooke666@yahoo.co.uk] 
> Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 12:49 PM
> To: torque-user@db.apache.org
> Subject: javaName ignored?
> Hi,
> Context info:
> Existing SQL Server, with three databases/schemas, all with 
> the same structure...
> I want to use torque to generate object model classes for 
> some, but not all tables...
> ...so I start by running the jdbc task (under Ant) against 
> one of the dbs to get the schema xml, all fine
> - works as docs say it should.  So then I strip out the 
> tables I don't want code generating for...then run the "om" task.
> Problem: Since some columns have '@' at the start of names 
> (@description, for instance), so does the code which refers 
> to these columns. The docs say "javaName"
> attribute can be used to specify what the column is called in 
> java, so that's what I did - except it doesn't make the 
> blindest bit of difference.
> So, What am I doing wrong?  Have I missed some config somewhere?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Mark.
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