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From John Hauf...@hauf.org>
Subject Re: GetConnection
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 13:43:23 GMT

thank you for your help. It seems that I have found a solution that 
works for my problem with the Postgis-geometry-datatype.
The solution was quite simple: I patched the 
com.workingdogs.village.Value-class and can now get access to the 
underlying object of each value in my records.

But I still have a small question: The datatype of my postgis-geometry 
is Types.OTHER and this datatype is returned as String from the 
om.workingdogs.village.Value-class. Is there any possibility to access 
the underlying objets of a record without patching the value class?
I tried with the dataset()-method in the Result-class, but the recordSet 
is always empty.


Greg Monroe wrote:
> Hmm, did some code spelunking and found that the accessTo...
> parameter in dbcp only works for BasicDataSources.  Torque's 
> SharedPoolDataSourceFactory uses DBCP's SharedPoolDataSource
> which does not support this option.  So the class of connection 
> object you get will be: 
>   org.apache.commons.dbcp.cpdsadapter.ConnectionImpl
> and this doesn't allow access to the real connection.
> That said, one thing to try is subclassing the PostGres JDBC
> Driver class and overriding the connect method to add your
> 'geometries' type.  Then use this subclass in your Torque
> settings.
>> Johannes Hauf said:
>> Thank you. I tried with your suggestion and I think this 
>> would work if the database wouldn't be Postgres.
>> In the postgres-jdbc driver, the typeMap-mechanism seems not 
>> to be implemented yet.
>> Has anyone another idea?
>> John
>> Greg Monroe wrote:
>>> Can you use the standard Connection interface TypeMap support to do 
>>> the same thing rather than the PostGres extension?  E.g.
>>> Map map = conn.getTypeMap();
>>> map.put("geometry", Pggeometry.class); conn.setTypeMap(map);
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