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From Steve Vanspall <svans...@bigpond.net.au>
Subject IdBroker with sequences in DB2, or perhaps native. How does it work
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2006 06:53:38 GMT
Hi there,

I am going mad here.

I have tried a few options for geting torque to use an already existing 
sequence , in db2, to generate the id's for certain tables.

One article suggested setting the defaultIdMethod to native and having a 
parameter "id-method-parameter" whose vlaue is the name of the sequence 
to be used.

This doesnt work, all I get is.

this warning

IDBroker - IDBroker is being used with db '@DB_NAME@', which does not 
support transactions. IDBroker attempts to use transactions to limit the 
possibility of duplicate key generation.  Without transactions, 
duplicate key generation is possible if multiple JVMs are used or other 
means are used to write to the database.

follow by the following exception

There was no DataSourceFactory configured for the connection @DB_NAME@

So I tried setting the dafultIdMEthod to idbroker.

the same thing happened.

Do I have to define a class that get the sequence data for me. This is 
no problem, but I cannot find any decent documentation stating how to do 

What do I implement and how do I tell torque what class isthe id broker??

Any help would be appreciated


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