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From "thomas.ung@freesbee.fr" <thomas....@freesbee.fr>
Subject Re: Extending torque user - documentation issue?
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 23:59:17 GMT
Thanks a lot Helge for your answer! I am not sure but I think that I am not going to extend
TURBINE_USER. but create a new table instead like in scarab USER_PREFERENCE

But for the 'fun', I ve tried both methods ;-)

>>>>>>> 1st - I ve extended the TUBINE_USER in my-project-schema.xml.
  * I've added a new column called 'LOCALEID'

  <table name="USER" idMethod="native"
    <column name="LOCALEID"       type="INTEGER"                                 javaName="LocaleId"/>

  * I've ran maven torque:create-db, torque:sql then torque:insert-sql
  * maven turbine:deploy

but I got 'incompatible return type' errors from generated BaseUser.java and BaseUserPeer.java:
    found   : com.bobo.om.User - required: org.apache.turbine.services.security.torque.om.TurbineUser
or found   : com.bobo.om.UserPeer - required: org.apache.turbine.services.security.torque.om.TurbineUserPeer

So I've try to change my new generated User.java and UserPeer to extend them to TurbineUser/TorqueUser
and TurbineUserPeer [as specified from documentation 'torque-security-service.html'(?)]

I did not change TR.properties yet because I got lots of incompatible type errors ... very
very tricky....

> you can specify the base class for Torque to use for any table in your schema. Same for
peer base classes. Have a look at http://db.apache.org/torque/releases/torque-3.2/generator/schema-reference.html
for details.

Helge, it seems that even by setting 
Torque generator still generate the same classe that extends 'BaseExtendedUser'....

> According to the portion of code provided, how the system knows  
> that we should use the EXTENDED_USER table in the db instead of  
> TURBINE_USER table? the extended table is not  TURBINE_USER but  

so I choose not to extend turbine_user but create a table 'user_preference' like in turbine

>>>>>>> 2nd - I ve created a new table 'USER_PREFERENCE' like in scarab
db. <<<<<<<<
  * I've added a new table

  <table name="USER_PREFERENCE" idMethod="none" ...>
    <column name="USER_ID"        .../> ...
    <foreign-key foreignTable="TURBINE_USER"><reference local="USER_ID" foreign="USER_ID"/></foreign-key>

by running $maven torque:create-db , I got an error:
org.apache.torque.engine.EngineException: Attempt to set foreign key to nonexistent table,

  * so like in project scarab, i've add the following in my project-schema.xml

<table name="TURBINE_USER" 
    <column name="USER_ID" primaryKey="true" required="true" type="INTEGER"/>

  * torque:create-db and torque:sql run well

  * but I got some errors by inserting sql (torque:insert-sql)

[torque-sql-exec] [ERROR] Failed to execute:drop table if exists TURBINE_USER
[torque-sql-exec] [ERROR] java.sql.SQLException: null,  message from server: "Cannot delete
or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails"

[torque-sql-exec] [ERROR] Failed to execute: CREATE TABLE TURBINE_USER ...
[torque-sql-exec] [ERROR] java.sql.SQLException: null,  message from server: "Table 'turbine_user'
already exists"

looks normal (???) because TURBINE_USER exists in turbine-schema.xml

Here, I was supprise because I got the same errors that in the 1st method

attempting to use incompatible return type
found   : com.bobo.om.TurbineUser
required: org.apache.turbine.services.security.torque.om.TurbineUser

I understand that this is pretty hard to read, because it requires some time to understand
what I am trying to explain, but I will really appraciate for any help!


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