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From Wizard of OS <sg...@gmx.net>
Subject Torque/Oracle 10 Incrementation problem
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 15:37:05 GMT

just installed happily torque for oracle and declared this table:

<table name="FAN" idMethod="native">
     <column name="FAN_ID" required="true" primaryKey="true" 
     <column name="FIRST_NAME" required="true" size="128" type="VARCHAR"/>
     <column name="PASSWORD" required="true" size="32" type="VARCHAR"/>
     <column name="EMAIL" required="true" size="128" type="VARCHAR"/>
     	<unique-column name="EMAIL"/>

Adding someone once is very fine with torque and ID gets incremented.
now I provoked a unique constraint violation with adding someone else 
with the same email address. The DB rejected of course and torque threw 
an exception.
Adding another set of data with a distinct email adresses created 
instead of ID =2 => ID = 3.
Seems like the failed torque command incremented the ID anyway.

how can I avoid this?
It is extremely unpleasent.
idMethod=idbroker does the same error!


thx in advance

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