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From Eustache <eustache.fel...@idilia.com>
Subject Re: using unknown number of databases having the same "structure"
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 19:26:38 GMT
And what about simply using ?

Criteria c = new Criteria();
List myObjects1 = MyClassPeer.doSelect(c);
List myObjects2 = MyClassPeer.doSelect(c);

Greg Monroe wrote:

>First, a warning about re-initializing Torque on the fly.  
>You need to remember that your web application might be
>in use by more than one person.  You need to take this 
>into account in your code to insure nobody has their
>DB setting redone by someone else.
>That said, most of Torque's main methods have versions
>that take an SQL connection object as a parameter.  If 
>you write your code to use these methods, you can use
>these methods on any matching DB. 
>Note that you will have to do your own management of
>these connections, e.g. opening, closing, pooling, 
>transaction handling, and the like.
>Also not that some of the Torque methods (like getting
>foreign key linked records) open connections interally 
>using the matching schema dbname JDBC info.  These will 
>not work with on the fly DB selection.
>One possible thing to look at is using Torque's
>getConnection( dbName ) method to let Torque's DBFactory 
>manage your connection pool. The main issue here might be
>figuring out how to add a new DB on the fly.  Looking at
>TorqueInstance.initDataSourceFactories( Configuration ),
>it seems like you could override Torque and TorqueInstance
>to be able to add DataSourceFactories on the fly.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Eustache [mailto:eustache.felenc@idilia.com] 
>>OK sorry for not being clear:
>>It's a single web app that wants to have access to several 
>>databases at 
>>Roughly: the user can select the database he is going to work 
>>on, and he 
>>can even use this webapp to add a new database he is going to 
>>work on. Those databases have the same structure though. I 
>>hope this helps clarify
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