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From Christopher Fitch <domin...@midsouth.rr.com>
Subject Re: Question about New Oracle Driver and Blobs
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 20:49:46 GMT
After some further research, by making one change, all blob operations 
function properly.

In Value.java, line 236 is this:

             valueObject = blob.getBytes(1, (int) blob.length());

and this is where the NPE comes from since' blob' is null.

If it's changed to this:
             valueObject = (blob != null) ? blob.getBytes(1, (int) 
blob.length()) : null;

It functions correctly in all cases.

Christopher Fitch wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I have been looking at how the newer Oracle 10g JDBC driver 
> interacts with Torque 3.2 and Village. I'm aware of the past issues with 
> regards to Oracle and their incomplete Blob support in their older JDBC 
> drivers as well as the village patch to support it.
> First things first...I'm assuming this is the correct place to address 
> this? It's not clear to me if Village issues can be discussed here and 
> then we report issues or what? If this is wrong then I apologize in 
> advance and where do I go or who do I contact about this?
> Moving on, in the Oracle 10g driver, they claim to fully support JDBC 
> 3.0 Blob methods. Given this I have been attempting to test if this is 
> true and apparently it is with one exception.
> Please note in advance that this might be a village issue (or maybe not).
> So far in my testing I have found that I can use the stock Oracle 
> JDBC driver and the village 2.0 jar included with Torque 3.2 
> and successfully insert, select, and update blobs.
> However, when executing a simple select on a table where the blob column 
> might have a null value, I get a NullPointerException in this part of 
> Value.java:
>         case Types.BLOB:
>             Blob blob = rs.getBlob(columnNumber);
>             valueObject = blob.getBytes(1, (int) blob.length());
>             break;
> The valueObject assignment fails with an NPE since the blob variable is 
> null. This makes since because in my test, the blob column in the table 
> is null. Is this behavior correct?
> So what am I missing or is this something that could be changed in 
> Village and thus allow for standard oracle support if using the Oracle 
> 10g driver?
> Thanks in advance!


Christopher Fitch - dominatr@midsouth.rr.com

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