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From Christopher Fitch <domin...@midsouth.rr.com>
Subject Question about New Oracle Driver and Blobs
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 20:15:53 GMT
Hello all,
	I have been looking at how the newer Oracle 10g JDBC driver interacts 
with Torque 3.2 and Village. I'm aware of the past issues with regards 
to Oracle and their incomplete Blob support in their older JDBC drivers 
as well as the village patch to support it.

First things first...I'm assuming this is the correct place to address 
this? It's not clear to me if Village issues can be discussed here and 
then we report issues or what? If this is wrong then I apologize in 
advance and where do I go or who do I contact about this?

Moving on, in the Oracle 10g driver, they claim to fully support JDBC 
3.0 Blob methods. Given this I have been attempting to test if this is 
true and apparently it is with one exception.

Please note in advance that this might be a village issue (or maybe not).

So far in my testing I have found that I can use the stock Oracle JDBC driver and the village 2.0 jar included with Torque 3.2 
and successfully insert, select, and update blobs.

However, when executing a simple select on a table where the blob column 
might have a null value, I get a NullPointerException in this part of 

         case Types.BLOB:
             Blob blob = rs.getBlob(columnNumber);
             valueObject = blob.getBytes(1, (int) blob.length());

The valueObject assignment fails with an NPE since the blob variable is 
null. This makes since because in my test, the blob column in the table 
is null. Is this behavior correct?

So what am I missing or is this something that could be changed in 
Village and thus allow for standard oracle support if using the Oracle 
10g driver?

Thanks in advance!

Christopher Fitch - dominatr@midsouth.rr.com

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