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From Helge Weissig <hel...@grajagan.org>
Subject Re: using a second database
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 13:04:43 GMT
On Apr 13, 2006, at 12:29 PM, Thomas Vandahl wrote:

> As Greg said, the name of your database in the Torque configuration  
> should match the one you defined in your schema-xml. I guess it  
> shouldbe sufficient to generate at least one table object in a  
> database called "oracle" and see what happens.
> BTW, why don't you use the Peers  in your Oracle database?
> Bye, Thomas.

Thanks for your input Thomas!

The requirement to have the name in the schema and in the  
configuration match is somewhat cumbersome for a multi-developer  
environment, where each developer needs to have their own database.  
The old way (way old!!) used to be that the db name was only  
specified once in TurbineResources.properties and hence needed to be  
changed only once when setting up a new sandbox. Maybe it's easier  
when using the Turbine M.E.T.A approach... does anyone know?

As for using the Peers in the oracle db, we don't have any. The  
database is a commercial one and we only use very few tables from it.  
Since learning about the jdbc2xml capabilities of Torque, I have  
considered generating the peers for those.

thanks again!

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