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From Tomáš Procházka <t.procha...@centrum.cz>
Subject Re: jdbc -> xml problem (MySQL)
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 11:18:03 GMT

>> Attempting to download jdbc-2.0.jar.
>> WARNING: Failed to download jdbc-2.0.jar.
>> Attempting to download jndi-1.2.1.jar.
>> WARNING: Failed to download jndi-1.2.1.jar.

T> Maven cannot download these automatically because you need to agree
T> explicitly to Sun's license agreement. But if you use java 1.4 or later,
T> you can omit these dependencies (i.e throw them out of the pom).
T> Alternatively, you can download the jars and put them in your maven
T> repository.

 Thanks you, it's work now. Java version would be better solution ;-)

>> I try used torque-gen-templates-3.2.1-dev.jar and torque-gen-3.2.1-
>> dev.jar from svn trunk and no Java 1.5 generics found in generated
>> source code :-(

T> You have to enable it, it is not turned on by default. Build the site from
T> svn and look in the properties documentation.

 Yes. Sorry.
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 Tomas Prochazka

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