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From Tomáš Procházka <t.procha...@centrum.cz>
Subject Re: AW: jdbc -> xml problem (MySQL)
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 11:13:55 GMT

T> I'm not sure, if the *-dev-* contains already the java5 patch, but I'm sure, you have
T> to enable a config-parameter. Is it 'torque.enableJava5Features=true' ? 

Yes. It's work now. Thanks you.

And exist any way how to make some of table read only access? Generator will be not generate
modify method for them.

And I found another small bug.
Generated source code is peculiarly formatted. For Example:

           * If this collection has already been initialized, returns
     * the collection. Otherwise returns the results of
     * getCarss(new Criteria(),Connection)
           * This method takes in the Connection also as input so that
     * referenced objects can also be obtained using a Connection
     * that is taken as input
    public List<Cars> getCarss(Connection con) throws TorqueException


    public List<Cars> getCarss(Criteria criteria, Connection con)
            throws TorqueException
              if (collCarss == null)
            if (isNew())
               collCarss = new ArrayList<Cars>();
                         criteria.add(CarsPeer.BAZAR_ID, getId());
                         collCarss = CarsPeer.doSelect(criteria, con);
             // criteria has no effect for a new object
             if (!isNew())
                 // the following code is to determine if a new query is
                 // called for.  If the criteria is the same as the last
                 // one, just return the collection.
                             criteria.add(CarsPeer.BAZAR_ID, getId());
                             if (!lastCarssCriteria.equals(criteria))
                     collCarss = CarsPeer.doSelect(criteria, con);
         lastCarssCriteria = criteria;

         return collCarss;


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       From: Thoralf Rickert <thoralf.rickert@cadooz.de>
    Subject: AW: jdbc -> xml problem (MySQL)
       Date: Thursday, April 13, 2006, 12:51:08 PM
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T> Hi!

>> I try used torque-gen-templates-3.2.1-dev.jar and 
>> torque-gen-3.2.1-dev.jar from svn trunk and no Java 1.5 
>> generics found in generated source code :-(

T> bye
T> Thoralf

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 Tomas Prochazka

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