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From "Manaster, Carl" <Ca...@ACTIVX.com>
Subject Why do BaseObject and its grandchldren implement Persistent?
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 18:15:19 GMT
[apologies if this is a duplicate post; it didn't seem to reach the list
the first time --cm]


I'm trying to begin to understand Torque.  I "get" the BaseX / X model,
and I appreciate it.  I looked at one of my X classes and noticed that
it is declared to implement Persistent, although it (as yet) has no
body.  So I figured the implementation must be back in the hierarchy a
ways, perhaps spread over a few ancestors.  As it turns out, BaseObject
not only implements Persistent, but is actually declared to implement it
as well.

So my X, which is-a BaseX, which is-a BaseObject, is known to the system
to implement Persistent without any statement in its class definition to
that effect.  So, why is the declaration there?



Carl Manaster
ActivX Biosciences

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