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From Federico Fissore <federico.fiss...@concept.it>
Subject Re: Problems with CLOB and Peer.doDelete(obj)
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 16:32:39 GMT
Thank you for the hint, Gareth.

Greg Monroe wrote:

>What is the specific purpose of the the doDelete( SomeTable obj )

>If the intent is to allow only for deletion of records that
>are "exact" matches. Then the code is OK except for the issue
>of some DB's not allowing = for long fields (use like in 
>this case?).  However, if the test for a PK is added, then
>this only occures in the limited case of tables without a PK
>(which is highly recommended in any good DB design).
IMHO, I think such a method should delete that and only that object from 
the database and I agree with your proposal of a PK check. Just advise 
people in the generated javadoc that an error could occur if the 
database cannot handle LOB comparisons.



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