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From Dave Newton <new...@pingsite.com>
Subject Re: A few general questions of Torque 3.2
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 23:36:39 GMT
Liu, Richard wrote:

> Am I right? 

Short answer: no.

> 1)   Given an XML Schema in an XSD file (or DTD
> file), generate a database schema that represents the XML Schema defined in the XSD
The schema is defined in an XML file.

XSD and DTD are ways of defining what a valid XML file looks like.
> 2)   Generate source code that can parse XML
> documents and insert (update and delete) the data into the generated
> database schema
No; Torque takes the schema as defined in an XML file and creates
classes that map data in the database to Java objects.
> 1)   Generate source code that can extract data
> stored in the database schema and create an XML file that conforms to
> the XML schema defined in the XSD
I'm not even sure what you mean by this; to me it sounds like the same
thing in #3 belo
> 2)   Generate queries to extract data from the
> database and create an XML document that conforms to the XML Schema
> defined in the XSD file
Briefly: Torque uses an XML file to define database tables and the
relationships between them. From this Torque generates Java source code
to map data in the database to Java objects. This is what ORM
(Object-Relational Mapping) means.
> 3)  Generate xml files which correspondent to
> the relational database schema
Torque can reverse-engineer a database and create the corresponding
schema file, from which it can then generate the Java source code
necessary to use the database within a Java program.


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