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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: Oracle issues (FAQ?)
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 13:09:53 GMT

"Dominik Kreutz" <dkr@startext.de> schrieb am 01.12.2005 13:17:03:

> Hello,
> I need some clarification on the problems that Torque (and Village) is
> having with Oracle.
> From archived messages of this list I know that there are issues
> BLOBs and DATE/TIMESTAMP and that some (all?) of the issues are solved
> at least workarounds exist). I also know that there are patched version
> Village adressing some of the issues (and Oracle-BLOB issue, too).
> Question: does "village-2.0.jar" that is delivered with "Torque-3.2-rc3"
> include all the latest fixes (especially does it include same fixes as
> "village-2.0-dev-oraclepatched-20041022.jar")?

No. The oraclepatched version is basically a branch off the village 2.0 and
is only usable with oracle. There is no version of village that supports
both oracle lobs and other databases. For working with lobs on oracle, you
still need the oraclepatched version of village.

> Using latest generator "Torque-3.2-rc3" with Ant and running task "jdbc"
> Oracle-schema results in schema.xml where alls BLOB- and TIMESTAMP-colums
> are mapped to VARCHAR. For each of such columns log-warning "SchemaType
> JdbcType '1111' is not defined: Defaulting to 'SchemaType[VARCHAR]'" is
> shown.
> Somewhere I read that wrong mappings can be fixed by changing some
> in "db.prop", but I can't find this file (I suspect that it should be
> located somewhere in generator's folder?)

I would not use the jdbc task for more complex datatypes. Development of
this has lagged behind a lot, you need to check the results very carefully.
The db.props files no longer exist in Torque 3.2. They are replaced by the
platform package in the generator, so any changes you would have done in
the db.props file for oracle you now would do in the java class
PlatformOracleImpl in the generator.

> I am using Oracle 9i and
> http://db.apache.org/torque/runtime/oracle-howto.html states that in this
> case I can use TIMESTAMP instead of TIME, but I don't understand what to
> exactly here. Maybe the Oracle-Howto page is simple outdated?

No, it isn't outdated. It simply states that if you are NOT using oracle9
and higher, you cannot use the timestamp data type without modifications to
the code. As you are using oracle9, timestamps work in the om and sql
tasks. I am using this myself. Simply put an entry like this in your
<column name="SOME_TIMESTAMP" type="TIMESTAMP" />

  Hope this helps,


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