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From Trey Long <james_l...@provima.com>
Subject Beans & Objects
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 20:41:40 GMT
I wrote about a similar idea a few messages ago when it comes to 
relationships in a table. As a recap I am using Axis + Torque to give my 
database web service wings as it were.

Axis generates a WSDL for me, but if I expect it to be anything close to 
coherent I need to use strong typing with something like an Array. When 
the beans are generated they are nice enough to give me methods like 
'getEmployeeBeans()' which will retrieve a collection of beans that are 
related to the current bean.

class BaseCompanyBean {
    protected List collEmployeeBeans;
    public List getEmployeeBeans()    {
        return collEmployeeBeans;

My question is: Is there a way, either by torque generator configuration 
or a good place to start in the generator source, a way to strictly type 
'List colEmployeeBeans' to 'EmployeeBeans[]'? I am not interested in 
forcing torque to use an array over a list, what I would like to do is 
have perhaps an additional variable inside the base class or even the 
super class that contains EmployeeBeans[] so that when I point Axis to 
it I get a decent WSDL and avoid having to add a wrapper method to every 
Object generated by torque (that's a lot).

I am looking for a little direction from you guys who know quite a bit 
about torque. Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree, maybe it's just 
something that torque hasn't made it to yet. Regardless, any advice 
would be great.

If you don't understand my example let me know, I can try to make it 

Thanks, -James

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