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From ant...@di.uoa.gr
Subject RE: Mapping column types
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 19:45:08 GMT
Thomas Fischer wrote <fischer@seitenbau.net>:

> Hi,
> The property files were converted into java classes. They are located in
> the subpackage "platform" of the generator.
> From your mail, it seems that the behaviour of the mysql driver changed
> from mysql4 to mysql5.If I remember correctly, the bit type worked
> correctly for mysql4 (I used the test project to check this, there is a
> test case for bit in there).  I'll try to check the bit type against mysql5
> in the next days.
> As a workaraound, you can use the booleanint or booleanchar types.
>     Thomas

  I looked into the problem and the problem lies on a bug of jdbc connector
(org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver). It reports the type of BIT fields to be 12 instead of
-7 (java.sql.Types). 
  I checked the bug list of MySQL: the bug has already been reported and a
couple of solutions have been commited. The correction will be available with
the new release. Until then, I'm thinking of "patching" the source code of
Village (com.workingdogs.village.Column.populate(ResultSetMetaData rsmd, int
colNum, String tableName)), but I'm not sure that this is the only method that
uses the buggy code.



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