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From "Dominik Kreutz" <...@startext.de>
Subject Oracle issues (FAQ?)
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 12:17:03 GMT

I need some clarification on the problems that Torque (and Village) is
having with Oracle.

>From archived messages of this list I know that there are issues regarding
BLOBs and DATE/TIMESTAMP and that some (all?) of the issues are solved (or
at least workarounds exist). I also know that there are patched version of
Village adressing some of the issues (and Oracle-BLOB issue, too).

Question: does "village-2.0.jar" that is delivered with "Torque-3.2-rc3"
include all the latest fixes (especially does it include same fixes as

Using latest generator "Torque-3.2-rc3" with Ant and running task "jdbc" on
Oracle-schema results in schema.xml where alls BLOB- and TIMESTAMP-colums
are mapped to VARCHAR. For each of such columns log-warning "SchemaType for
JdbcType '1111' is not defined: Defaulting to 'SchemaType[VARCHAR]'" is
Somewhere I read that wrong mappings can be fixed by changing some entries
in "db.prop", but I can't find this file (I suspect that it should be
located somewhere in generator's folder?)

I am using Oracle 9i and
http://db.apache.org/torque/runtime/oracle-howto.html states that in this
case I can use TIMESTAMP instead of TIME, but I don't understand what to do
exactly here. Maybe the Oracle-Howto page is simple outdated?

Maybe someone here can shed some light on these problem? I am willing to
compile my results and contribute it to the FAQ/Wiki. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



Dipl.-Inform. Dominik Kreutz
startext Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Kennedyallee 2, D-53175 Bonn
Tel.: +49 (228) 95996-23, Fax: +49 (228) 95996-66

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