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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: Bugs in rc2 already fixed for rc3?]
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:24:59 GMT

Kristof Van Cleemput <kvc@schaubroeck.be> schrieb am 10.11.2005 12:50:12:

> I use toque 3.2 RC2
> I want to include (attachment) the templates.I tried a zip file but that
> failed (
> ZIP attachments are not accepted here
> ). Should I mail it to the developer list or should I use an other
> extension?

You can either create an issue in the issue tracker (see the Torque
Homepage for a link) or email them to me directly.
As this is a substantial addition, we need to know who wrote the templates
originally, and the permission of this person to include the templates in
Torque, and a CLA of this person (see http://www.apache.org/licenses/#clas)

> I used them to extract a schema and data from an existing informix
> You can include them in the templates. Doesn't it state that torque
> supports Informix?

Yes, tere is an adapter class, but I do not kmnow anything about templates.

> I didn't receive any errrors on that.
> Best way to be sure is to write a test to test every possible type for
> import and export and for every supported database (fi with dbunit and
> junit).

We know that there are some data types which do not work (e.g.Blobs.)
Testing it would be pointless since it fails for sure.

> Can't you get a free copy for development or testing purposes (even an
> old version could do the trick)?

I did not try. Besides, installing additional databases is not top of the
list of my priorities at the moment.

> If you don't add it nobody will use it so no bugs or errors can be found
> and solved (you have to start somewhere).
> I know if you can't test it for yourself it's a bit creepy ;-)

Well, I do not need to test it myself. There's the Torque test project (see
http://db.apache.org/torque/tests.html), if someone runs that successfully
against the database in question and sends in the configuration files this
is fine.

> Occurs when executing maven torque:datasql
> It's hard to find the source of the error. I try to copy a lot of tables
> and I guess it has something to do with a datatype.
> The problem is that the logging only gives me these errors :
> 2005-11-08 08:53:54,860 - Method parse threw exception for reference
> $generator in template sql/load/mysql/row.vm at  [16,70]
> 2005-11-08 08:53:54,860 - Method parse threw exception for reference
> $generator in template sql/load/Control.vm at  [17,1]
> Isn't it possible to give the table, column and field value that is
> causing the error?
> Or a line with logging before start filling up a table (This would
> point somebody like me to the table that is causing the problem)
> For now the only solution I can think of is importing every table
> seperatly until I find the one that is causing the error.
> Unless you expect me to count the processed rows

Well, it is very difficult to look for a bug if one cannot reproduce it. It
depends on you, if you want it fixed I'm afraid this will mean that you
have to provide some more information what goes wrong. To fond out the name
of the table where this happens, maybe you can turn on additional log
messages which log every column that is processed. From a quick glance ath
the JDBCTransformTask code, you probably just have to set the log level to
debug to to it.

> OTHER IMPROVEMENTS (I'm new to torque so maybe they are missing some
> Extra maven goals =>
> For setting-up(importing) a database including data =>
> torque:import (consists of
>     <attainGoal name="torque:sql"/>
>     <attainGoal name="torque:datadtd"/>
>     <attainGoal name="torque:datasql"/>
>     <attainGoal name="torque:create-db"/>
>     <attainGoal name="torque:insert-sql"/>)
> For exporting a database including data =>
> torque:export (consists of
>     <attainGoal name="torque:jdbc"/>
>     <attainGoal name="torque:datadump"/>
> )

Will forward this point to the dev list. I am indifferent about it.


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