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From "Vitzethum, Daniel" <Daniel.Vitzet...@gigatronik.com>
Subject AW: Torque, Transactions and Container (Bea)
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 11:40:11 GMT
Hi Thomas,

thanks for your answer.

> Torque does not have its own transaction mechanism, it uses jdbc
> transactions.

Yes, I'm aware of this. But Torque implements a kind of tx behavior
when a method like doInsert() is called without passing a connection.

In these methods in BasePeer, always a COMMIT or ROLLBACK is executed -
what we don't want as the Container, Bea here, should handle the Tx.

The bahavior of the container is configured in the deployment
of course, normally on business method level. A transaction type may be
"RequiresNew", "Mandatory" and so on.

> The transactional behaviour is different for different databases.
> E.g. for oracle, the first select/update/insert... command
> starts a transaction, whatever you do.

I cannot see that, though. I don't find a location in Torque's code
the Transction is handled dependent on the adapter or so. Where do I
to look?

That is our solution by now:

As generated BasePeers call statical methods on their superclass
_directly_ (e.g. "BasePeer.doInsert(...)"), I wasn't able to hook in a
overriding some of BasePeers behavior.

So I changed the "Peer.vm" template so that it does _not_ call BasePeer
in its
e.g. doInsert(Criteria) method, but my base peer class as configured in

So, I can override BasePeer and implement my own transaction behavior in
methods that don't take a connection.

The benefit: I don't have to care about fetching and returning
connections in
the countless generated Peer classes. I just can use doInsert(Criteria)
or save()
like used to.

The thing I don't like: I had to change the torque-gen.jar. Besides
that, the
changes were very minor but effective.

My question, however:

has anyone used Torque with container managed transactions before? And
if yes:



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