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From Trey Long <james_l...@provima.com>
Subject JNDI, Connection Pool, Datasources - noob help
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 21:30:37 GMT
Alright guys, this list has been great for me since I am relatively new 
to the Java DB scene and I want to thank everyone that responds to this 
message in advance. Your input is greatly appreciated because I am still 
in a learning phase and experienced insights are invaluable.

I have an application that is deployed on JBoss. We are using standard 
Java (pojo) and Torque for an abstraction to the database. I would like 
to setup a test to demonstrate the abstraction of Torque but I am stuck 
on trying to understand how Torque works together with other components 
to manage connections to the database. From reading I have determined 
that for a dynamic data source JNDI is the way to go, which leads me 
into the problem.

I need the application to switch from using one data source to another. 
For instance, if I am using MSSQL server I would like to be able to 
switch to a mysql server on-the-fly. The times that my application will 
do this is relatively slim, but it's a good test. I would also like to 
store configuration information outside of the application source so 
that it can be configured on multiple deployments with the same source.

What I need from you:
I don't expect anyone to hack out the code to do this for me or 
something equally as silly. All I really want is some suggestions on how 
do to this, links to resources with things I need to know and perhaps 
explanations of some of the things you had trouble with or think I am 
doing wrong or going about the wrong way. It seems I am really lost on 
how the whole JNDI + Torque + other data source things work together in 
concert, much less how I can use them effectively.

Thanks for reviewing my message, Trey.

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