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From Trey Long <james_l...@provima.com>
Subject Create-db
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 15:16:17 GMT
Create-Db seems to be stopping short of it's full task, let me see if I 
can explain my problem. Also, if you experts out there see any other 
problems with my configuration or whatever else I send over, please give 
me advice.

I have torque deployed using ant and I am currently testing the process 
of going from MSSQL to MySql. I believe the 'ant create-db' is supposed 
to read the {projectname}-schema.xml and create the database via the 
connection properties in the build.properties file.

If I have everything right so far let's move on, the only think that it 
generates in the 'source\sql\create-db.sql' file is this:
drop database if exists torque;
create database torque;

Any ideas why it stops there? Ant doesn't seem to gripe about anything 
as far as I can tell either.

[torque-data-model] Using classpath
[torque-data-model] Generating to file *path*\trunk\source\sql\create-db.sql
[torque-data-model] Oct 13, 2005 11:02:46 AM 
org.apache.torque.engine.database.transform.XmlToAppData parseFile
[torque-data-model] INFO: Parsing file: 'test-schema.xml'
[torque-data-model] Oct 13, 2005 11:02:46 AM 
org.apache.torque.engine.database.transform.DTDResolver resolveEntity
[torque-data-model] INFO: Resolver: used database.dtd from 
'org.apache.torque.engine.database.transform' package
     [echo]       Executing the create-db.sql script ...
      [sql] Executing file: *path*\trunk\source\sql\create-db.sql
      [sql] 2 of 2 SQL statements executed successfully

Total time: 3 seconds

And the config file seems ok to me.
torque.project = test
torque.database = mysql
torque.database.type = mysql
torque.database.adaptor = mysql
torque.targetPackage = com.provima.pcsw.mysql

torque.database.createUrl = jdbc:mysql://localhost/test
torque.database.buildUrl = jdbc:mysql://localhost/test
torque.database.driver = org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver
torque.database.user = root
torque.database.password = password
torque.database.host = localhost

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