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From "Asaf Shakarchi" <a...@raytech.co.il>
Subject RE: Few general questions regarding Torque
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 19:08:10 GMT
Great, that answers my question,
I'll try to do the template modifications, if that natively could be added
to basePeer it would be just great :)

Criteria experts? Well I posted a mail about my problem, I hope someone will
give me a good answer about, but thanks.

About Item3, yet again, I wanted by base to retrieve the corresponding peer
and vise versa, not by the generated classes, I assume it's the same issue
as Item 1.

Thanks a lot,
I appreciate your help.


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From: Greg Monroe [mailto:Greg.Monroe@DukeCE.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 20:00
To: Apache Torque Users List
Subject: RE: Few general questions regarding Torque

> From: Asaf Shakarchi
> 1)       Is it possible to retrieve a primary key by basePeer 
> object? We
> like to do something like 'basePeer newBase = new 
> OneOfTheDataObjectPeer()' and then call basePeer.retrieveByPK 
> which will return a baseobject, it seems that all 
> retryeveByPK functions are generated per peer child but maybe 
> there's still away to do it? :-/

AFAIK, this is not currently possible.

If you really need this functionality, you can define your own 
interface/methods for an Object myRetrieveByPK method in the 
Peer class stubs and use the interface instead of BasePeer. Of 
course you know that eventually, you'll need to cast the result 
into the correct data object to use the data retrieved.  (If 
you need it in a lot of tables, look at a custom mod of the 

If someone wanted to add this functionality to Torque, a set of
of non-functional methods that return BaseObjects would have to 
be added to the BasePeer object and the templates changed to 
include these when specific Table data objects are created.

> 2)       Since I still can't figure out how to do adjoin with 
> 'OR" condition
> instead of 'AND', is there a way just to execute a full query 
> instead of using criteria to generate my query?

The Criteria experts may help on the "right" way, but a quick way
to do this might be to look at the Criteria.CUSTOM functions.  This
is a way to add straight SQL selection statements into the criteria.
(See the CUSTOM comparitor example in the Criteria HOWTO).

> 3)       If I have an instance of a DataObject, is there a 
> way to retrieve
> by the DataObject the corresponding peerObject and vice versa?

Look at the getPeer() method in the table data object and getOMClass() 
in the Table Peer object.

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