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From John Dunne <imir...@alldunne.com>
Subject multiple databases and doDelete
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 09:41:15 GMT
Hello all,

Any help on this problem would be gratefully appreciated.

Im getting a null pointer exception when I call doDelete (see code)

      Criteria crit = new Criteria(databasename);
      InvoicesPeer.doDelete( crit);

I've got two databases in MySQL (version 3) both with identical schemas. 
The default database is set to 'db1' and the exception is only thrown 
when databasename is set to 'db2'. The COM objects were compiled from a 
schema that identified the database name as 'db1' (so BaseInvoicesPeer 
has DATABASE_NAME='db1'; ), so i;m wondering if this is the problem, but 
then whats the point in specifing the database name to Critera!

Further, I believe that Torque is configured proberly since I can query 
(doSelect) and retrieve the contents of both db1 and db2. This problem 
only occurs when I call doDelete!


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