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From "Scrut Inizer" <scrut...@hotmail.com>
Subject [torque newbie] Torque in source tree of web app?
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 15:35:44 GMT
Let's assume I want to write a web-application using Torque (and other 
How do I organize the tree now? Where do I put everything?

I mean:
I have


Now I assume I put the torque-3.1.1.jar into /web-inf/lib, right?
But where do I place all those configuration files?
I really don't want them anywhere in the source or class folders. There must 
be a way where I can keep those config files (the ones torque and maven use, 
resource bundles, logger configurations and so on) away from the web-inf 
dir. Is meta-inf meant for that?
But then I assume that torque wouldnt work anymore.

And where do I place the db driver?

Would I include maven so that the web-app can automatically build the db? Or 
would I rather do a "maven torque" once, then compile the sources and 
deliver a .war plus a db-create script that the user has to manually execute 
during the installation process of the web-app?

Are there any conventions for all of this? I assume there must be because 
this seems like a trivial question to me that experienced developers handle 
daily without thinking.



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