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From Trey Long <james_l...@provima.com>
Subject JDBC Task & System Tables
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:27:53 GMT
Torque Version: 3.2-rc1

I have managed to get Torque working with MSSQL by setting the 
{torque.database.schema} variable to the owner of the database. I am 
running the MSSQL Profiler which tells me all of the sql commands run 
through the server. Torque uses the following command to list tables:

sp_tables '%', 'dbo', null, "'TABLE','VIEW'"

Which returns:
bookstore    dbo    dtproperties    TABLE    NULL
bookstore    dbo    test    TABLE    NULL
bookstore    dbo    sysconstraints    VIEW    NULL
bookstore    dbo    syssegments    VIEW    NULL

Yet, for some reason that I haven't been able to figure out it only 
processes 'dtproperties', 'syscontraints' and 'syssegments'. The 3 
tables I really DON'T want.

I have listed the output log here to help with understanding what is 
going on.

[torque-jdbc-transform] Torque - JDBCToXMLSchema starting
[torque-jdbc-transform] Your DB settings are:
[torque-jdbc-transform] driver : 
[torque-jdbc-transform] URL : 
[torque-jdbc-transform] user : torque
[torque-jdbc-transform] schema : dbo
[torque-jdbc-transform] DB driver sucessfuly instantiated
[torque-jdbc-transform] DB connection established
[torque-jdbc-transform] Getting table list...
[torque-jdbc-transform] Building column/table map...
[torque-jdbc-transform] Processing table: dtproperties
[torque-jdbc-transform] Processing table: sysconstraints
[torque-jdbc-transform] Processing table: syssegments
[torque-jdbc-transform] ~edit~src/schema/schema.xml
[torque-jdbc-transform] Torque - JDBCToXMLSchema finished

If anyone could shed some light on this, I would be immensely grateful.

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