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From Dave Newton <new...@pingsite.com>
Subject idbroker.cleverquantity issue?
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 22:43:59 GMT

Using a fairly recent Torque (3.1, maybe 3.1.1)  for some reason I 
started getting HUGE values for one of my NEXT_ID columns and the 
QUANTITY column.

While saving new objects to that table I got OutOfMemory exceptions. 
When I made the NEXT_ID and QUANTITY values saner the OOM exception went 

I have since turned off cleverquantity and may switch to another 
persistence mechanism fo unrelated reasons, but I'm wondering:

a) Have people ever seen this before? (I haven't, and I've been using 
Torque for several years without incident)
b) Are the OOM exceptions related to the huge values, and if so, why/how?
c) Is this patch/nightly/latest-version-fixable? I know I'm not running 
the latest and greatest.

Thanks much,

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