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From "Brent Atkins" <Brent.Atk...@pro-sys.biz>
Subject RE: (frustrated torque first timer) Please update the Tutorial
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 18:29:15 GMT
Hello everyone,

We seem to be getting a lot of questions about the tutorial (and have been
for some time).  I think that if any of the mailing list users actually
tried to follow along with it; ignoring what you already knew; you would get
frustrated too.  I remember the problem I had when the torque runtime was
split from the torque generator.  Ugg, what a hassle that was (not that I'm
complaining, it was a good idea - the docs just weren't updated to explain

I would be willing to rewrite the tutorial if I could get a little bit of

I need one person who would be willing to edit it.  I'm good at writing
documentation, but I tend to ramble - maybe you noticed.

I need two of three people who would be willing to suspend disbelief and
follow along with it and make sure it actually works.  Preferrably 2 experts
who can suggest alternative ideas (for instance, I'm a Maven user, if you
aren't maybe you know another way) and a n00b or two to see if it works for

Finally I would need a submitter to actually - well submit it - and build it
for the site.

It would be nice to actually have a tutorial that is updated enough where
questions like this could be answered with a nice smug RTFA instead of the
current 'yea it sucks - sorry' that we currently give.  If anyone is
interested I could have it completed by next week.

Any takers?

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