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From "Matthias Klein" <matth...@cmklein.de>
Subject (newbie) Error creating db with Postgres
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 01:18:09 GMT
Today I tried adapting the tutorial example to postgresql but create-db
resulted in errors.
I did search the mailing list and documentation but could not find an

Here is what I did:

1. Installed PostgreSQL 8.0 (build 311) on localhost port 5432 with user

2. Created a dir "torquetest" in which I placed torque-3.1.1.jar and

3. Placed the JDBC driver in %MAVEN_HOME%/lib/endorsed (The documentation
doesn't mention that the driver has to be there. BTW: is there another
(better) way to do that? Adding the driver to the classpath didn't work:
driver could not be loaded)

4. Created id-table-schema.xml and project-schema.xml and placed them in
/src/schema. The content of those files is just copy&paste from the tutorial

5. created project.properties in torquetest:

torque.project = bookstore
torque.database = postgresql
torque.targetPackage = ca.nrc.test.om
torque.database.createUrl = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432
torque.database.buildUrl = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/bookstore
torque.database.url = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/bookstore
torque.database.driver = org.postgresql.Driver
torque.database.user = postgres
torque.database.password = postgres
torque.database.host = localhost

6. created log4j.properties in torquetest (also copy&paste)

7. Ran maven plugin:download -DartifactId=maven-torque-plugin
-DgroupId=torque -Dversion=3.1.1

Now I ran maven torque which worked fine and created those peer classes.

But with maven torque:create-db I got an error:



    [torque-data-model] Using classpath
    [torque-data-model] Generating to file
          Executing the create-db.sql script ...

File...... C:\Documents and
Element... sql
Line...... 394
Column.... 44
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Backend start-up failed: FATAL: database
kstore" does not exist.
Total time: 4 seconds
Finished at: Mon Jul 04 22:12:03 ADT 2005

Now I created bookstore manually but then I got a message that the build
failed because the db already existed and could not be dropped.

I assume this is a very trivial config problem. But I can't seem to find the
Any suggestions?



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